A.R.C. Laser


Nd:YAG and SLT

The concept of combining two lasers into one system enables practical advantages: Prolonged service life and increased work safety. The SLT and Nd:YAG Lasers are indispensable to treat glaucoma in today's ophthalmology practice. A.R.C. Laser creates uniform energy distribution over the entire spot for safest treatment quality and reliable reproducibility. SLT is a natural way to reduce IOP by stimulating the trabecular meshwork with its specific "low level laser beam"

µChip SLT: no compromises

SLT is a laser therapy which may replace medication for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma (OAG). Laser-selected Trabeculotomy is a gentle and repeatable laser treatment. It promotes cellular regeneration of trabecular meshwork without any medication.

  • No harm for your patients trabecular meshwork (TM)
  • No side effects
  • Well known treatment for open angle glaucoma (OAG)
  • Designed for the anterior segment
  • Highest repetition rate thanks to our Rapid Procedure Rapid-Trigger-Mode (RTM)
  • Optional head-up-display
  • No high voltage inside - no UV-light on the cavity
  • < 2 % deviation: Highest pulse-to-pulse stability for REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS

Unique innovations are the Rapid-Trigger-Mode (RTM) for a fast repetition rate and the optional head-up-display: the selected treatment power is always in view.


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