TearFloTM Sterile Tear Flow Test Strips (Schirmer’s Test)

TearFlo™ is being used to evaluate tear secretion - Schirmer’s test. More than 13 mm wetting of standardized strips folded at a given notch over a 5-minute period of examination with eyes closed is considered to be normal tear secretion. Wetting values less than 9 mm are considered as hyposecretion. Schirmer’s test is the oldest method available for Dry Eye Disease diagnosis.

Method of a performance:
  • Test is performed in a room with a dimmed light, without a draught, and without pressure sources in the field of vision.
  • Patient is advised to look straight ahead or slightly upward and not to force himself/herself to blink the eyes.
  • Tear fluid should be removed from the lower fornix using a gauze swab before paper strips are placed.
  • Strip should be bent at the notch on the marked end using forceps and inserted in the lower part of the conjunctival sac at 1/3 of length of the lid margin on the outer side.
  • Strip is removed from the conjunctival sac after 5 minutes, and the amount of wetting of the filter paper section is measured in millimetres from the place of bending.
Results interpretation:
  • =>15 mm – normal;
  • >10 to 15 mm - initial stage of the tear deficit;
  • >5 to 10 mm - advanced tear deficit;
  • 5 mm – severe tear deficit.
Available packages:

100 pcs. sterile, individually wrapped strips.