Carl Swing


Rini’s surgeon chairs in the “Carl” series are easy to use and height adjustments are made with the feet to maintain sterile hands during surgical procedures.

Carl Swing is rotatable and equipped with a gas spring for height adjustment. This is made with an ergonomically designed foot control under the chair. The chair is flexible for the surgeon and offers a variety of different armrests to match clinical demands. R6 chairs are delivered with Rini’s patented safety armrests “Rilis” which prevent them from being dislocated when under load. R7 chairs with “OneGrip” armrests are popular when minor adjustments under sterile coverage must be made during surgery.

The angle of load on the backrest is self-adapting and the angle of the seat and backrest is adjusted with a simple motion.

The surgeon chairs in the “Carl” series are, in close cooperation with surgeons from Sweden and internationally, developed for microsurgery and offers a tailor-made work environment of the highest quality.

  • High level of comfort for the surgeon within Eye-, ENT-, Neuro, Plastic-, Dental-, Robot-, and similar types of microsurgery
  • Kan be outfitted with different armrests to match different needs, all easy to use with intuitive settings
  • Rotatable and movable chair with mechanical height adjustment
  • Stable design which guarantees a comfortable and safe workplace


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