Malin Swing


The patient chair Malin Swing has a rotating seat which enables the patient to comfortably be seated from the side. The seat is then conveniently turned to the correct position by the device table while the base of the chair remains stable on the floor. The height adjustment is done with the help of a hand control which together with the other functions of the chair enables high efficiency in daily patient work for both doctors and healthcare professionals.

Special consideration has been given to the functions and ergonomics of the chair. It is battery driven and is easy to raise or lower with an intuitive hand control. Accessories include different armrests, footrest, driving handles, IR-control, neckrest and electrical brake. An extra high version of the chair is also available which optimizes the ergonomic work environment during examination and treatment of children.

The patient chair Malin Swing has a robust mechanical design based on a stable H-frame, with four big wheels where the back wheels are a equipped with mechanical brakes.

  • Rotating seat ± 90° enables the patient to be seated from the side
  • Easy to raise and lower with fixed or wireless hand control
  • Accessories include driving handles, armrests, footrests, neckrest and electric powered brake
  • Robust mechanical design


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