Modern ophthalmoscope with maintenance-free LED illumination. Its brightness and colour rendering are comparable with a HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen Ophthalmoscope. Ideal for rounds and house calls. Can be used with the mini3000 handle system. Available in black and blue. The HEINE optics produce crisp, clear images of the whole area under examination and minimise the reflections. A full-function instrument with 5 different apertures: fixation star, large spot, small spot, hemispot, red-free filter. Grey filter for light-sensitive patients. Range of lenses: 18 lenses from -20 D to +20 D. Easy workflow, because ophthalmoscopy is possible without dilation of the pupils.

  • Maintenance-free pocket instrument
  • Optimal colour rendering
  • Up to 10 hours operation time
  • Information about the apertures
  • LED HQ


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