The new HEINE iC2 Funduscope is a portable instrument for digital fundus imaging in exceptional quality with a visual field of up to 34°. The innovative HEINE LED HQ illumination allows, together with the precision optics, clear-cut and shadow-free images using an Apple iPhone 5 / 5s / 6 / 6s / SE / 7.

Mobile and light: Low weight of approx. 300 g, can be used charged without a cable – for simply documenting examinations of even bedridden or disabled patients. Comfortable examination position thanks to a longer working distance. iC2 App: Simple mapping of images (left and right side). E-mail function. Storage of additional patient data. Simple operation via Bluetooth: Instrument can be held while focusing and releasing the shutter with one hand – second hand free for stable camera positioning.

  • LED HQ
  • Broad field of view
  • High resolution images
  • Mobile documentation
  • Free iC2 App