Tomey CASIA2 User Experience

In this user experience, you will discover cases in which CASIA2 was beneficial for mainly corneal transplantation cases and an interesting case with use of hard contact lenses.

These cases are coming from Hideki Mori MD, PhD Tokyo Medical University who has a huge experience with the CASIA 2 and the previous CASIA1.

Yuta Ueno MD, University of Tsukuba will present cataract cases.

“The CASIA2 is the next-generation Anterior Segment OCT. The imaging performance is greatly improved in terms of an expanded measurement (range of depth to 13mm) which has made it possible to visualize the anterior and posterior surface of a crystalline lens to detect lens opacity and to perform lens shape analysis.”

Have a look at this presentation of the CASIA2, learn more about its features and the possibilities for Glaucoma with Bleb & Trabeculectomy patient cases.

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