Carl Mk2


Carl Mk2 is the second generation of Rini's popular electrically adjustable operator chairs where lots of user feedback and new technologies have been combined. The goal has been to provide a quality chair with a small foot print, maximising the area around the feet often where pedals and other equipment are placed.

At the same time for the surgeon, Carl Mk2 offers maximum ergonomic comfort by extensive configuration options achieved by the use of intuitive hand grips.

The chair is battery operated and easy to raise and lower using buttons on the side. The single button control central brake provides a very stable operating position. A cover is supplied to protect the wheels frame. Overall, Carl Mk2 gives the surgeon a tailor-made work environment of the highest quality.

  • A uniquely designed frame with three wheels, giving room for the operator's feet and equipment pedals
  • Ergonomic comfort for the surgeon through an intuitive setup and with either the patented safety armrest "Rilis" (R6), "OneGrip" armrest (R7) or "FlexiDoc" armrest (R8)
  • Convenient to move thanks to easy-rolling wheels and a stable parking position by an electric central brake
  • Easy to clean with smooth surfaces and encapsulated details