Lumenis / Aura PT


Designed to be safe and easy to use, the Aura PT is the result of years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. It has advanced features, such as 16 degree cone angle, precision optics, adjustable posterior and anterior offset, high repetition rate and variable burst modes. This allows you to perform capsulotomies on all types of intraocular lenses (IOL) with very low risk of lens pitting. In addition, the superior laser cavity design enables more efficient tissue cutting at lower power and with fewer shots.

The Aura PT was designed with the busy, multi-physician practice, surgery center and outpatient clinic in mind. It truly offers ophthalmologists
a YAG photodisruptor that is exceptionally robust and affordably priced.

The Lumenis Aura PT features two defocus positions that can easily be changed with a roll of your finger, allowing for easy and safe focus correction exactly in front of, behind or precisely at the plasma break point. With an adjustable laser focal point of up to 500 μm anterior or posterior to the aiming beam, the Aura PT offers a high flexibility rate.

This allows ophthalmologists to treat patients on a case-by-case basis with more accuracy, precision and safety than even before. Such flexibility allows customization of the procedure based on each patient’s IOL type and the type of the treatment performed. This significantly reduces the risk of lens damage when treating anterior or posterior to the IOL or faster and safer
results when performing iridotomy.


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