Array LaserLink


Pattern Scanning Laser can reduce photocoagulation treatment time by as much as 60% and provides enhanced uniformity of laser application, shorter treatment time, and less discomfort to the patient.
The Array™ LaserLink™ offers pattern scanning capabilities compatible with Lumenis laser systems and popular slit lamps, versatility of wavelengths, various adjustable patterns and a range of laser spot sizes.

Eyes Forward Control

Control and verify treatment parameters without moving the slit lamp oculars or losing sight of the target retina

Unique Array 3D Micromanipulator
  • Controls laser parameters and micromanipulation
  • Adjustable for left or right hand use
Heads Up Display
  • Confirms changes to treatment parameters
  • Displays text on the retina
  • Modified parameters are projected as text onto the retina
Intuitive Touch Screen
  • Fully adjustable monitor
  • Is easily reached and visualized for treatment set up and procedure